2017 Madrid Jazz Festival: let the music begin!

JAZZMADRID, the International Festival of Madrid,is on its way, with a new edition charged with excellent vibes and exquisite sounds. This festival takes place all over the capital during November and promises to carry on displaying the best of this music for another year, offering endless nights for those with lots of endurance.

Although the main headquarters are the Conde Duque cultural building and the fernán Gómez Theatre, JazzMadrid’17 will break the mould and open up the rest of the city, bringing the festivities to other areas of Madrid.

These new areas will be the setting for complementary activities that are put on whilst the festival is on and they are centred around different kinds of audiences: expositions, debates, literary analysis’, jazz from an audiovisual perspective, jazz for kids and adults… A range of activities to bring together the most diverse audience possible, a theme in line with the origins of this music; breaking down borders and discovering culture.

The new rooms will be the designated spaces for the most renowned performances. Some of these in fact will be part of the clubs and local bars that form part of the La Nocheen Vivo Association, the Madrid association for music rooms and live music performances. For them, these rooms were created with the objective of searching for young talent and supporting local, national and international bands who want their work in Madrid to be recognised and so need the spaces to do so.

The biggest change to this JazzMadrid 2017 festival is that this year will see endless nights of music, with more than 6 hours of non-stop jazz playing until sunrise. The poster has announced more than 100 performances from the most classic to the most innovative; a fusion that the spectator can adapt to their preferences. This programme will involve national talent, female acts and the debate surrounding the fact that this music has the ability to change anyone’s mood with just a couple strokes of the chords.

If we look at past editions of JazzMadrid, some big names that have performed are: Gregory Porter, GuiliaValle Trio and Hiromi Uehara… This year will see many more interesting performances for those who love jazz, blues or swing music.

For those who want to enjoy the 2017 Madrid Jazz Festival to the maximum, there are hotels with many offers during November in the capital, especially during the week. Some of these are the hotels from the Petit Palace hotel chain, which owns hotels in the heart of Madrid, with stylish, very modern, comfortable and well-equipped rooms with IT tools (computers, iPad and free Wi-Fi). Some of these well-located hotels are Petit Palace Triball, Petit Palace Opera and Petit Palace Plaza España.

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